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Vaccine Release Form

Vaccine Release Form

Vaccination has long been a mainstay for preventive health care in both animals and people. Vaccination often prevents disease completely, but in some cases will not prevent infection, but decreases severity of clinical signs. In recent years, however, overvaccinating has been linked as a factor in an increased incidence of immune mediated diseases and tumor formation at the site of injection. Due to these recent developments, the American Association of Feline Practitioners has recommended that each cat be vaccinated for specific diseases based on their individual risk factor. Risk factors are factors that put your cat at risk for coming into contact with particular viruses or bacterias. The most common risk factors are cats that are allowed to go outside, boarding, grooming, or homes that adopt stray cats. The doctor will examine your cat to make sure that he/she is healthy enough to produce an immune response and help decide which vaccinations your cat should receive. As with any medication, side effects are uncommon, but can occur in certain individuals. If your cat has had any reaction to medications or vaccinations in the past, let the doctor know immediately. Pain or swelling at the site of injection, and lethargy are the most commonly reported side effects associated with vaccinations; however, if your cat vomits, has diarrhea, swelling, trouble breathing, or extreme agitation this could be a hypersensitivity reaction and needs to be reported to the office immediately. Bumps or swelling at the site of the injection may occur. However, if they last longer than one week, please call the office. Just Cats Veterinary Services requires all patients to be up to date on their rabies vaccine at all times in accordance with Texas Administrative Code; TITLE 25. HEALTH SERVICES; PART 1. DEPARTMENT OF STATE HEALTH SERVICES; CHAPTER 169. ZOONOSIS CONTROL; SUBCHAPTER A. RABIES CONTROL AND ERADICATION. Only a doctor employed by Just Cats Veterinary Services may make the decision to defer or discontinue the rabies vaccine based on medical history and current health status. If you decline to vaccinate your cat for rabies, we reserve the right to decline to examine and treat your cat until proof of current rabies vaccination is provided.
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