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Meet Dr. Cynthia McManis - Our practice owner and lead veterinarrian!

Cindy McManis, DVM, Diplomate ABVP (Feline)

Dr. Cynthia McManis received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M University in 1985. She developed her interest in cats during her first year post-graduation. Little was known about cats at this time and they were treated like small dogs. She began to actively pursue more education and information regarding feline health care and joined the Academy of Feline Medicine in 1989. When the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners approved feline practice as a specialty board in 1995, she was in the first class to sit for the exam. Currently, she is 1 of only 70 ABVP certified feline practitioners in the world. Dr. McManis founded Just Cats Veterinary Services in 1994.

Outside of her clinic cases, she is a feline internal medicine consultant for Veterinary Information Network, a web based resource for veterinarians all over the world. She established an ABVP residency site at Just Cats in 2008 and mentors new graduates as well as seasoned practitioners who are interested in achieving ABVP certification.

Dr. McManis enjoys training and racing triathlons and has completed 5 Ironman events as well as many half irons and shorter distances. She also loves medical mystery novels, comedy films and challenging internal medicine cases. She is owned by 2 kitties - Amante ("Monty") and O'Malley at the hospital.  

Dr. Angela Smith, VMD

Dr. Angela Smith graduated in 2019 from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr.Smith earned her bachelor's degree in Animal & Veterinary science from Clemson University where she graduated magna cum laude with departmental honors. While in college, she was on the Clemson University Equestrian Team and during her senior year, she was the Hunt Seat Team Captain. She received the American Association of Feline Practitioner's Senior Student Award for the University of Pennsylvania in 2019. 

Dr. Smith shares her home with her three cats-Leo, Teddy, and Princess Kate. She has a 23-year-old horse named Money Man whom she has had since she was in high school. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering with local animal shelters, fostering cats, riding horses, drinking coffee, and eating all the Mexican food she can get.

Danish Dubash, DVM

Dr. Dubash graduated from Bombay Veterinary College in 2017. He worked as a general practitioner for 3 years in Mumbai before moving to the United States to pursue Feline medicine. He received his DVM from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2022.

We asked Dr. Dubash why cats?  His response: Because they offer a unique mystery and challenge. They hide their clinical signs and symptoms, which makes the practice of veterinary medicine that much more difficult and engaging. They often only show their “true selves” to people who will put in the extra love and effort they need! They are also just so cute! 

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