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"To err is human, to purr is feline."
    -Robert Byrne

Importance of a Canned Diet 

A common misconception for felines is that, like dogs, there are dental benefits from eating dry food; however, as many cat owners may know, most of our feline friends do not chew their food. Studies have shown that dry food tend to have more negative affects on kitties than expected-- such as crystals present in urine or longterm affects on the kidneys. The doctors at Just Cats highly recommend feeding a primary canned diet to your fur-babes. This ensures they are obtaining moisture content each meal. Below is an article that's available with hints and tips to help make the transition from dry food to canned food easier for you and your feline friend! 

Transitioning Feline Dry Food Addicts to Canned Food

Nutritional Factors

As many of our clients know, Just Cats is a huge advocate for promoting the importance of a healthy weight in our fur-babes! Below you will find a detailed chart with different cat food brands and their nutritional factors. At Just Cats, based on the physical exam, we offer calculated diet plans for our patients to help them reach their goal weight. Feel free to ask about our personalized diet plans!

Cat Food Calorie Chart