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Boarding Information Form

Completion of this form does not guarantee a boarding reservation. Please contact the office at 281-367-2287 to schedule your kitty's stay with us.
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Regular Suite $20.71 per Night
Large Suite $28.78 per Night

Feeding Instructions: Please list brand of food, treat, size of can, how much to feed & how often. (required)

Feeding Policy
We feed twice a day or free choice. If no food is provided we will feed Purina Proplan Weight Management dry.
Medications: Please list Name of Drug, concentrations, how much to give and how often.

Medication Policy
There are additional fees for medicating your cat(s) while in our care.
Please list the flea prevention that your cat is on. (required)

Flea Policy
We comb every cat for fleas while in our care. If fleas, flea debris or evidence of fleas is found while combing your cat, we will apply a single dose of flea prevention. The cost will be added to your invoice.
Items Brought: Please list all carriers, blankets, collars, toys, scratching posts, beds, etc... (required)

I would like to following grooming procedures performed while my cat is boarding:
Brushout Longhair $4.29 daily
Brushout Shorthair $3.79 daily
Nail Trim $15.00
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1015 Evergreen Circle
The Woodlands, TX 77380

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