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At this time we are NOT able to have boarders personal belongings in boarding, with the exception of food and medications.  We have an abundance of blankets, beds, and toys that we will provide. They are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  

Just Cats Veterinary Services Boarding Policy

Our boarding service is extended to all current patients.  If we have not seen your cat before, a new patient exam will be required before a boarding reservation can be made. All cats must have a negative FeLV and FIV test on record from a veterinary office.  Any cat that spends time outside must have a yearly feline leukemia vaccine and FeLV/FIV test.  A cat that has had a lapse between vaccines must be tested again. While boarding, your cat(s) are always at a slight risk of contracting an upper respiratory infection (URI). While we take every precaution possible to avoid undue stress and illness, please be aware that immunizations do not prevent your cat from getting sick - they only prevent the most virulent form of the disease. By state law, it is required that your cat has a Rabies Vaccine and Upper Respiratory Vaccine.

While your cat is in our care, if he/she becomes ill, the doctor on staff will examine him/her and treat accordingly. You will be responsible for these charges. We ask that you provide a phone number and an email address if available. We will not contact you if the problem is not deemed serious, unless you indicate below. If you indicate that you want to be contacted prior to your cat being examined we will attempt to wait. If in the event that the problem your cat is experiencing is life threatening we will begin to stabilize while we exhaust every possibility to contact you.

There are additional fees for medicating your cat(s) while in our care. 

Feeding Policy
We offer food twice a day, morning and night. We encourage owners to bring the current diet cats are being fed to limit the stress of a diet change in an already stressful environment. However, if no food is provided, we will feed Purina ProPlan Weight Management dry.

Flea Policy
We comb every cat for fleas while in our care. If live fleas, flea debris, or evidence of fleas are found while combing your cat, they will be treated with an oral and/or topical medication upon arrival. The cost will be added to your invoice. 

Additional Services Policy
We strive to provide a comfortable and as stress free environment as possible for our cat boarders.  If you request daily brush outs, exercise, or nail trims during your cats boarding stay, we will do our best but cannot guarantee that your cat will tolerate or benefit from the experience.  If we find that your cat does not like to be brushed, taken out of a kennel, or being alone in the exam room, we will discontinue offering the additional service and the charge will be removed from your invoice.  You must provide your own brush for brush outs to be performed

Please note that completing this form does not secure a reservation in our kitty kennel.
Please give our office a call to make your reservation today!

If the form is not filled out in its entirety, it will need to be completed at the time of boarding drop off. 

We also offer permanent boarding forms to keep on file so there is less paperwork each time. Give our office a call or ask one of our team members the next  time your are visiting if you are interested!

Boarding Forms - Complete Form

Client Name

Cat's Name (required)

Dates of Reservation (Ex: 12/01/20-12/10/20) (required)

Suite Selection (required)

Regular Suite $23.00 per Night
Large Suite $32.00 per Night

Emergency Phone (required)
Phone TypePhone Number (required)
E-Mail Address (required) :
I wish to be contact if my cats condition requires an exam, diagnostics, or medications (required)


Feeding Instructions (required)

Current Medications (required)

Please list the flea prevention that your cat is on and when it was last administered (required)

I would like the following procedures to be performed while my cat is boarding (required)
Brushout Shorthair - $3.80 + tax per brushout
Brushout Longhair - $4.30 + tax per brushout
Nail Trim - $15.00
Exercise - $5.00 per exercise session
Patient History Information
My cat's lifestyle is (required)

Indoor Only
Indoor/Outdoor Supervised (Porch, catio, harness, etc)
Indoor/Outdoor Unsupervised
Outdoor Only

Have you noticed any changes in the following areas? (required)
Water consumption
Activity level
Reluctance to run or jump
Itching/hair loss
Nasal/ocular discharge
None of the above, my cat is purrfect
If yes to any of the above, please elaborate (required)

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